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You've done all the work to get your house on the market and you're ready to go. What next? Well, I have 5 steps that should be coming next.

                                    1. Negotiating That Offer: You want to read that offer completely with your agent and ask any questions if you don't understand. This is a legal document you're signing and it is binding. Some things to look for, purchase price offer, any closing costs, the amount of the earnest deposit, radon test, home inspection, financing type, close date, and maybe any other contingencies they might have on it.

                                    2. Negotiating The Home Inspection: Once you get through that negotiated offer, the buyer is going to perform a home inspection. Once they meet with the home inspector, the buyer actually has 3 choices. They can walk away, they can take the house
                                    as is, or they can ask you to repair a few items that were flagged by the home inspector. Hang on for the ride you guys, this is another set of negotiations, but sometimes it is about compromise.

                                   3. The Appraisal: If your buyer is using financing to purchase the home, that lender is going to order an appraisal to make sure the house appraises at least at that purchase price offer. Again, if they're going to do VA or FHA loan, that appraiser might ask for some additional repairs to be completed as well.
                                   4. Title Search: The chosen title company is actually going to do a search on your property to make sure that that title is clear, transferable, and insurable. If there are any clouds or liens, the title company is going to work with you, the seller, to make sure those are released. 
                                  5. Closing Day: That glorious day. You want to make sure you are completely moved out by closing day and you leave the house in good repair just as you would expect it for your self.

                                                Thanks again for tuning in today. If you are considering buying a house or selling a property, our group would love the opportunity to help you. Never hesitate to reach out to the agent that has shared this video with you or feel free to email us at Info@MRGOmaha.com or call us at 402-680-7032 and one of our professional sales associates will be happy to assist. Make it a fantastic day!